Father Painter Poet Urban nomad mental traveler

Metaphysical mountain-climber   Custodian of Civilization’s

throwaways & missing parts   31st Street Little Shop of

Yesterdays   32nd Street Garage of miscellaneous miracles

& small favors   PETE ZAWADZKI!  noble gypsy of Goodwill

castoffs & hand-me-downs from heavenly nowheres

Escape Artist of hobbling jobs forever laughing at the

bobbled gold-plated opportunities that slipped through his

fingers like the splinters of some insane god’s fool’s gold

Our man PETE    slackrope walker over Capitalism’s broken

promises  Gambler with the little moments of indigence

& Juggler of survival,  sheer hope & naked impoverishments

PETE ZAWADZKI  intrepid pioneer of the Impractical

& practitioner of the mind’s slight of-hand    Pete was a

Teacher too with and undenialable subversive need to pass on

to us the open secrets that most of us blind ourselves to –

the Ubiquitous Showers of Beauty    the Deluge of Creation’s

Magical Presence          it was PETE’s precarious toehold

in the potholes of reality that enabled him to turn his back

on the dry emanations pouring from Capitalism’s crooked


In a world where most of us are rushing around like Sleep-

Walkers on Speed, PETE was in no special hurry or in any danger

of drowning in a sea of money   When it came to the life-robbing

job-world PETE belonged to that disappearing breed (tribe) that is ec-

statically untroubled by leisure time    not that he had any aversion

or allergy to work    it was just that PETE paid more attention to

the universial birthright of the vagabond as he stepped gingerly

over soul-erasing Treadmills & tunneled around the Sweatshops

Don’t we all know that PETE waved some pretty good goodbyes

to the mind-numbing same-oles & to the world of 9 to 5

And with all his inimitable artistic work PETE left us with

At least 12 painting of STONEY RUN, wonderfully iridescent

& alive with the marriage of PETE’S genius & Nature’s splendor.

AND these paintings are a stern warning & a hedge against

forgetfulness as the predatory GREEDHEADS of Johns Hopkins

--both the hospital & university--  together with city officials

& Developers-- wage a relentless “humanitarian” war against the

poor & the not-so-poor of Baltimore by desecrating the human

& natural worlds through Urban & Smart Development!  & Pete helps

us to Remember that to these predators STONEY RUN is an eye-sore

on the way to becoming Real Estate!

REMEMBER TO REMEMBER is the title of a book by one of PETE’S

Favorite authors, Henry Miller

& now it’s time for Remembering to Remember our good friend

PETE & for Remembering to Remember PETE’S reminding us that

the STarry Sky & the Songbirds are the brothers & sisters

of our art, our music & of the Beauty that we children of

Mother Earth enjoy & create

PETE ZAWADZKI as passed through & we are here in the presence

Of his spirit and his gifts


~~~~ Bill O’Connor  9/19/2004