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Pete with KristiPete with Kristi
PZ -  rainy day in NYC - by Mary Bahr - photo - 1979~0.jpg
Rainy Day - NYCCentral Park
PZ - 2 pix - no date.jpg
Peter twiceat Eisenhower Library atrium
PZ - a thoughtful discussion - no date.jpg
"how do I know?"Don't know who Peter was talking to...
PZ - asleep - photo by MBahr~0.jpg
Asleep - NYCphotographed with night resolution film
PZ - at JHU - 1978.jpg
PZ at JHUPeter in the Eisenhower Library atrium.
PZ - Beach 2.jpg
PZ at the ocean - photo collageThis was actually taken of Pete at the back door as he stood overlooking Merrymans Lane. But a beach sunset was more interesting.
PZ - canoeing day in the Magothy creeks - no date.jpg
PZ - picnic along the Magothy RiverPeter talking with my mother on a break from canoe paddling. Can't remember which creek we were visiting.
PZ - defined - by Mary Bahr - photo collages - no date~0.jpg
Peter defined 9 times9 photo collages (left to right):
top: missing puzzle pieces / visionary / crab
mid: my painting is more real / self-destruct / paper doll Pete
bottom: mushroom head / revolutionary / the man behind his mask
PZ - evening light - no date.jpg
Peter in evening lightat the kitchen table.
PZ - in my blue sunglasses - no date.jpg
Peter wearing my blue sunglassesHe loved my sunglasses (early in relationship).
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