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PZ -  rainy day in NYC - by Mary Bahr - photo - 1979.jpg
rainy day in NYC
PZ - abstract - ink on glass print - schoolwork.jpg
Abstraction - by PZink monoprint (Pete gave me this and said it was some work he did in a design class)
PZ - abstract face with sun - oil on masonite - 1979.jpg
Abstract Face with Sun - by PZoil on masonite
PZ - asleep - by Mary Bahr - pastel on paper - no date.jpg
PZ asleeppastel
PZ - asleep - photo by MBahr.jpg
PZ asleep in NYCphotographed with night resolution film
PZ - at exhibition - photo - 1983.jpg
PZ, Sandy Katz, me and Craig CummingsAt my exhibition opening at Slayton House. Don't remember the photographer.
PZ - at Robt E. Lee Park - by Mary Bahr - pen & ink - May 1979.jpg
PZ at Robt. E. Lee Parkink sketch
PZ - Beach 2~0.jpg
PZ - beach dreamingphoto collage - Peter at back door overlooking Merryman's Lane - but better with an ocean sunset!
PZ - collage by S. Katz.jpg
PZ with earring - by Sandy Katzcollage [Note the same pose as felt pen drawing]. (Sandy Katz, and her husband Craig Cummings, were mutual friends (see exhibition photo)).
PZ - crayon study - by Mary Bahr - c1978-79.jpg
PZ in flowered shirtcrayon sketch
PZ - defined - by Mary Bahr - photo collages - no date.jpg
PZ defined 9 times9 photo collages (left to right):
top row: missing puzzle pieces, visionary, crab
mid row: my painting more real, self-destruct, paper doll Pete
bottom row: mushroom head, revolutionary, man behind his mask
PZ - drawing by Leonard Bahr 1979.jpg
Peter - by Leonard M. Bahrconte drawing (Pete posed at Leonard Bahr's studio. This drawing was included in Leonard Bahr's retrospective at MICA)
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