Aug. 23, 1990
2 am


Hi Pete,

            Don’t know why I put off writing, could say I’ve been busy or lazy or anything.  Well I’ve been thinking a lot of my Dad Pete Felix Vacky me Zawadzki. Till my 16th birthday it was known as Pete M. Vacky in Bridgeport, Conn.  Vacky was the way the name sounded to him, your great grandfather Piotor Zawadzki, well to the immigration people in the late 19th century.  So we’ve only been on this soil for a hundred yrs.


            Should’ed asked about how you’re doing first + guess, but I have some inkling of that from your mom & mom mom.


            There is this Poet; Robert Bly whose books & thoughts have influences me much.  He was on the tube last night, P.B.S. talking with Bill Moyer about “a gathering of men  He said that most American fathers spend less than  10 min when with their sons, put a lot of blame on the Industrial Revolution.  Dads’ off to the office or factory.


            Given I was real lucky, my dad drove a truck took me to work with him sometimes, even to Bars & Poolhalls and he took me fishing.  We hung out together sometimes when I was young.


            So what Bly went onto say is that most men in this country cannot grieve, cannot experiences grief!  Good Grief Charlie Brown!


            What do you think?  Is this a major hang up with American Men & Boys. By the way the on the other side is a nice expensive Bird Pint for your wall suitable for framing.  I love his name Trogon Ambiguus, must be a Latin bird.  Also Sony has a parakeet who refuses to talk but sings a lot, so he earns his keep.  His name is Patti-Patti-Pattii.  I was going to do a drawing from you on the page of this letter which is really drawing paper.


            Now the crux of the matter as Bly sees it and as my father saw it and Spiritual God-Father Mr. A. Green the full blooded Cherokee tattoo artist who lived in the apt next door to us for my first 13 yrs. 


            The hear of the matter has to do with the “Warrior  Men don’t know the “Warrior” in themselves.  This “Warrior  is not the one that goes to war. No this warrior is the one who goes through life with a quite goal and sees it through, “Come hell or high Water” to use an apt phrase.


            So I was a lucky kid, and later got to be a lucky father to boot! Spent some choice yrs & choice time with you in the 70’s , 80’s and now through the 90’s


            75 credits of mine were accepted at Morgan State, so Sept. 4th I a in my jr, yr with 45 to go.  French, World History , modern Art, graphic art & lettering too.  I always liked lettering. 


Well Bush is trying to cook up a little war in the Mid-east.  Bad business I say and I ‘m no friend of Hussein of any Arab.  What ever happened to Diplomacy!  Gentlemen’s Agreements and all that not. Make life not grief!


There is grief a many. 


Love ya Pete,

Your dad,

Pete Z.


P.S.  doing better financially, may even have some money soon?  Thax to the Japanese.





In modern mechanized warfare there are no warriors

No chance to be  warriors

Just little human boys in different uniforms

Off to slaughter

That is not the direction for me

Rare to travels

Our race is to the Macro-Micro Cosmos

Our race is not up-down

We’re here to stay

To travel

To travail