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All details for people born after 01/01/1910 are restricted to protect their identities. If you are a registered user you can view these details and edit record. Everybody is free to browse the unrestricted records. If you think anybody here matches into your family tree, please let me know


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Gail Gere 17/01/2005
Viola Gere 17/01/2005
Gerald Gere 17/01/2005
Rita Gere 17/01/2005
Richard (Bruno) Larsen 17/01/2005
Virgina Messer Larsen 17/01/2005
Edwin Messer 17/01/2005
Lora Elmira Gere Azumbrado 17/01/2005
Clara Elizabeth Bishop Porter 17/01/2005
William J Bishop 17/01/2005
Thomas E Durney 17/01/2005
Lillie E Porter Durney 17/01/2005
George Henry Porter 17/01/2005
Velma Taylor Porter 17/01/2005
Marie Schneider Porter 17/01/2005
Lewis B Porter 17/01/2005
Charles L Porter 17/01/2005
Irma Brooks Porter 17/01/2005
Raymond Gundlach 17/01/2005
Joanna E Porter Gundlach 17/01/2005

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